History of Mississippi Baptists

The history of Baptists in Mississippi dates back to 1791. The events that transpired from then until the present day help us to understand and acknowledge our heritage of Mississippi Missions. Had it not been for our forefathers who undertook dangerous journeys and championed overwhelming odds in search for religious freedom we would not be hosting our Bi-Centennial celebration this year.

History has shown us that in 1791, Richard Curtis Jr. with a group of 35 Baptists embarked on a journey by boat from South Carolina heading westward in search of a place where they could be free from religious persecution. Near the end of a long and treacherous journey they found themselves traveling south down the Mississippi River. Along this journey they reached Cole Creek which empties into the Mississippi river about twenty miles north of Natchez. Turning up Cole Creek they discovered an ideal location to stake their claim and establish a new community.

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